Thursday, September 8, 2011

NASCAR. . .With a Lot of Help from My Daughter

On Saturday night, if I do not get called up for National Guard duty because of the floods in Pennsylvania, my boys and I will be going to the NASCAR race at Richmond International Raceway.  My oldest daughter is in graduate school in Richmond and scored tickets for us for the NASCAR feature event.

The boys watch races because I watch them on TV, but the spectacle of a live event is something completely different.  I have to work in Philadelphia Friday night and I am racing in Milton PA on Saturday morning, but I did want to miss this chance for a big memorable event with both the boys and their sister.  Of my three daughters, Lauren is by far the biggest motor head.  When she was growing up she had boy rock stars and kittens on her wall, but she also had her wall and ceiling covered with pictures she cut from Autoweek magazine.

She put the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati pictures right above her head so she could wake up and think about driving.  That's the sister you want at a NASCAR race.

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