Sunday, September 11, 2011

Going Home on 9/11

The Richmond trip made the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 into a family weekend.  We spent Saturday night with my oldest daughter at the race and saw her apartment afterwards.  Sunday morning we walked around Cary Street with my youngest daughter, who is a student at the University of Richmond.

We were going to go to Brunch with Lisa, but she mostly a vegetarian--a social carnivore as one of her friends says.  Since the boys and I were staying at a Holiday Inn Express, I got them up to eat the free buffet before we met Lisa.  They got to add ham, eggs and sausage to the previous night's NASCAR buffet.  I saved about $50 taking them to a place their sister would like.

So we had coffee and walked.

When the boys and I got home it was time to run.  I run the boys at least twice a week.  More if my work schedule allows.  Jacari is a fast and talented runner.  Nigel suffers with every step.  We ran a 3-mile circuit.  Nigel ran two and waited for us at a bend in the loop.  Jacari ran three.  Near the end Jacari announced that when we went to the gym he was going to run more.  Jacari likes to show off and will say he is going to do things, then not do them.  He gets good feedback for this, especially from teachers, social workers, etc.

But boys need to become men.  I told him not to say that kind thing to me.  If he wants to show me he is tough.  Show me.  Then tell me what you did.

I ran another three miles, then we went to the gym.  Jacari started playing basketball, then ran two more miles in the indoor track.  I stopped him at lap two and five of twelve to do 10 then 25 pushups and he kept going.  (The pushups were for talking back to their tutor on Friday.  More on discipline in a future post.)

After running Jacari joined Nigel on the gym floor playing basketball with three college students.  Nigel hit three three-point shots and was elated.

We all ate well at dinner.

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