Saturday, September 17, 2011

Army Picnic--Foster Mom Visit

Today I got Nigel and Jacari up at 530am for a long, complicated, fun day.  Each month when I have a drill weekend with the Army National Guard, Jacari spends the weekend with Melissa--his foster mom of three years before we adopted him.  Melissa is an adoptive mom of a boy with Downs Syndrome and foster mom of a teenage girl.

For Jacari this weekend often means some kind of special trip or treat--Melissa gets tickets for Hershey Park and other amusement centers through her network of foster moms.  I dropped the boys at Melissa's house at 7am and drove 6 miles to Fort Indiantown Gap.  The first order of business for this weekend was the annual Fitness Test.  I was really looking forward to this.  I have scored close to perfect on the last five fitness tests--between 288 and 297 on a 300 scale--but never made the maximum score.  Today I hit 300!

After the fitness test, I took pictures of a Blackhawk and a Chinook helicopter landing in a field to bring officer candidates on board.  Then I went back to Melissa's and picked up the boys for the annual unit picnic.  Nigel, Jacari and I ate hamburgers, hot dogs and cookies.  After the food, I took the boys through the hangar where helicopters are are repaired.  Then they went back to Melissa's and I returned for some late afternoon work.

At 730pm I picked up Nigel and drove home.  Jacari stayed at Melissa's till I picked him up the following evening.

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