Friday, September 23, 2011

McDonalds! ???

Kids make up words.  Sometimes they stick, some burn away like dew off morning grass.  Both Nigel and Jacari decided to use their own word to mean "Awesome!"  Their tutor/honorary sister Kiersten uses "Awesome!" and "Rad!" to indicate something is better than good.  Last week Nigel decided to use the word "Pesto!" instead of copying "Awesome!"  Jacari uses "McDonalds!"  

So when someone coins a new word, the first test is will they use it in public.  Ridicule limits additions to language.  

Today, the boys and I went to New York so I could run a half-marathon on Saturday morning.  We drove to Trenton, took NJ Transit to Penn Station New York and met my running partner Kristine Chin.  We ate in Penn Station at a place that combines KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Tim Hortons.  I got the boys personal pizzas, then hot wings and chicken fingers.  Kristine and I ate sushi.  She could not believe how much the boys could eat!!  They were so happy putting hot sauce on the chicken.  When the chicken and pizza were done, Jacari said, "Can I have a taco?" 

I said, "Sure."  

He said, "McDonalds!!"

"No Jacari, Taco Bell." 

Nigel said, "He means Awesome."

"Yeah McDonalds," Jacari said flashing a huge grin.

Nigel returned to his chicken which he said was "Awesome!"  Not "Pesto!"

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