Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meeting Our Next Son

Today we drove to State College in three hours of rain to meet with the social workers of a boy we may be adopting.  His name is Emarion.  He is 12 and is currently with a foster family north of State College.  We did not expect to meet Emarion today, but the visit was scheduled in a Barnes and Noble and for reasons too complicated to explain, one social work took Emarion around the store to look at books while the other one met with us.

We got to see Emarion interact with the social worker.  He seems like a great kid.  He smiles a lot and talks a lot--good signs when kids are from difficult backgrounds.   We asked questions and talked with the social worker A for about 45 minutes, then she went with Emarion and we talked with social worker B.  A and B were comfortable with us, so she allowed us to meet Emarion, simply as adoptive parents. We showed him pictures of our boys, then of our whole family.

He was shy.  He had asked for a toy helicopter as his reward from A and B.  I could tell him I fly in Blackhawks and Chinooks which really got his attention.  He was wearing a "Tap Out" shirt, so I could tell him about "tapping out" in combatives training when I was in a match with a 22-year-old who is into martial arts.

So we have something in common right away.

While we were waiting we got an email from the people who are connecting us with a 12-year-old boy from Haiti.  His name is Wenky Pierre.  If all goes well we may adopt him also.

More later.

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