Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adoption and Work

My wife works 2 blocks from the campus where she teaches.  She walks another two block on campus to get to her office.  She has a commute anyone could love--ten minutes each way, no car, bus, or train.  

I am 72 miles from my office--two hours each way four days each week.  It used to be two days each week, but my boss and my job changed while I was in Iraq.  I love my job and even if didn't, I would not want to turn my back on a good job in a bad economy.  

But if we do adopt two more boys in the next six months, we will have four teenage sons this time next year.  If that happens, the 85/15 split my wife and I have on who is responsible for child care could get even worse.  I will have to figure a way to work less.  

Just thinking out loud now, but the decision will be facing us if the adoptions go through.

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