Friday, December 30, 2011

Cost of Adoption--Overseas vs. In Pennsylvania

We are keeping very accurate track of adoption expenses, in part because our Church and others are helping with the expenses.  since we are keeping track, I thought I could share how much we have spent so far:

datecategorycostrunning total
11/29/11plane tickets$1,307.40$1,307.40
12/03/11doc visit; HepA vaccine for akc$178.00$1,485.40
12/06/11anti-malarial meds; bug spray$70.66$1,556.06
12/14/11birth certificates--Neil$56.00$1,612.06
12/14/11birth certificates--Annalisa$32.00$1,644.06
12/14/11marriage certificates$20.00$1,664.06
12/17/11airport parking$25.00$1,689.06
12/17/11luggage fee$50.00$1,801.06
12/19/11Haitian market$140.00$1,941.06
12/20/11Newark airport parking$108.00$2,049.06
12/20/11lunch in airport$9.00$2,058.06
12/29/11register FBI clearance$68.00$2,126.06
12/30/11PA Child Abuse Clearance$21.00$2,147.06
12/30/11PA Criminal Background check$21.00$2,168.06
We have not paid for transportation or lodging in Haiti yet, but expect that will be more than $500.
Lawyer's fees begin with a $4,000 deposit very soon.  We are expecting to spend either side of $20,000 before the process is over.

Adopting older kids in PA costs essentially nothing.  Maybe a lot of gas money during the transition, but that is much less than air fare to Haiti.

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Neil, you're definitely not a miser - even your birth certificate costs more than Annalisa's!!

  2. Ha! That's funny. Mitt Romney is the reason that kind of fee is so high. When he was Gov. of Massachusetts, he avoided raising taxes by raising all kinds of fees and saying they are not taxes.
    Many people will come to regret voting for a slippery guy like him.