Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pictures of Xavier in Haiti

We had a small prayer ceremony at the mission run by Heather just before we left.  At that ceremony, Heather announced that Wenky's American name would be Xavier Pierre Gussman.

Xavier and I 

Xavier and Annalisa with me in the Tap Tap that took us to the airport.
Look closely and you will see I am wearing Crash Test Dummy socks--VERY appropriate for the ride to Port Au Prince
Annalisa getting her hair done by six kids at once in mission where Xavier lives.
Xavier and Annalisa at mission where Xavier lives.

More on Annalisa's blog.

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  1. Fantastic! Excited to learn more about your journey. Our family is also adopting from Giving Hope and have loved working with Heather.

    Congrats and I look forward to learning more about your journey!