Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Going to Haiti Saturday

Wow!!!  It's getting close.  Just four days and a wake up and we will be on the way to Haiti.  I am riding Amtrak this morning with a stomach ache.  I was wondering what I ate that would make my intestines feel as rebellious as a teenager, then I remembered the malaria pill I took last night.  So today and maybe tomorrow my mid-section will be audible from fifty feet, but hopefully back to normal before wheels up on Saturday morning.

Annalisa has pulled together a schedule of friends to take care of the boys while we are traveling.  Kiersten and her friend from Virginia will be house and dog sitting--so our dog K-Oz will not miss his twice daily moment of delight:  "Oh boy!  Dog food!  Again!"

When I traveled overseas regularly for business, I often had people ask if they could stow away in my suitcase.  They liked the idea of travel to Paris,  Perth, or Prague but no one so far has said "I always wanted to go to Port au Prince."

Of course, they like the idea of travel to Haiti better than our 2015 plan of taking the boys to live in a black majority culture.  If all goes well we will spend the 2015-16 academic year in Rwanda.  I had stowaway requests for Rome, Rio de Janeiro and Rotterdam.  None so far for Rwanda.


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