Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From Haiti to NYC

We celebrate Christmas in Maryland at my wife's father's house.  Christmas is the most complicated holiday of the year for us.  My wife, our youngest daughter and our two sons leve for Maryland the morning before Christmas.  I leave at the end of the day on Christmas Eve.  My stepdaughter comes from her Dad's house in Virginia on Christmas Eve.  My daughters celebrate Christmas morning at their Mom's then join us in MD for the last part of the all-day Christmas celebration.

But that's on the beginning.

Christmas night at about 8pm, five of the kids and I drive in two cars back to Lancaster, sleep, re-pack and leave at 10am on the 26th for a two-day shopping trip in NYC.

My wife and her daughter stay in MD for those two days.

Now five kids and I plus one of Lauren's friends are in NYC for three days, two nights to shop and see NYC sights.  SOOOOO different from Haiti.  If all goes well with Xavier, he will join us for Christmas 2012.

I wonder what he will think of staying in Times Square!!!

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  1. say Hi to Gotham for me! That is a city i do miss!