Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 2 in Haiti

I will download pictures as soon as I can.  We had very little internet service and no cell service in Haiti, plus we did not bring a cable to download pictures.  Back in America I will post pictures.

Our first full day in Haiti began with me going on a five-mile run and Annalisa reading a book about our favorite TV show--"The Wire."  It was The Wire (Season 4, last episode) that convinced me to adopt more kids.  Anyway, the story of the run is here.  

We went to Wenky's orphanage at 1pm and played with the almost 30 kids that live there.  My wife let a half-dozen girls style her hair.  Their technique involved a lot of pulling.  I played ball with a two-year-old boy and then traded head balls with an eight-year-old.  

The orphanage is run by a local woman on a very small budget and is little more than a few shacks in a banana grove.  After playing with the kids there we switched worlds.  Our local hosts took us to Club Indigo, a lovely place. We passed three sets of armed guards on the way from the first gate to the restaurant.  It was located on the Caribbean with a white sand beach.

Heather, our host, told us that the kids who get adopted in America take American names.  My wife loves the name Xavier, a Spanish (actually Catalan) saint name.  And I got to name Nigel.   So Wenky's American name will be Xavier Pierre Gussman.

More tomorrow.

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