Saturday, October 8, 2011

With the Boys in DC

Today we drove to Washington DC so I could pick up my number for the Army Ten Miler.  This makes three weekends in a row the boys will travel a long way in cars and trains to go to races.  Last weekend my wife and I ran a half marathon in Lancaster then drove to State College and back to meet Emarion.  The weekend before, the boys went with me to a half marathon in the Hamptons.

This weekend we will stay at Grandpa's house in Silver Spring MD before driving to the Pentagon for the Army race.  The boys will have a little less time to wait than the last two races because this one is shorter.  These trips are a lot of driving, but the boys love eating junk food and every trip with Dad leads to junk food at some point, so they trade boredom for grease.

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