Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Visit with Emarion

Today we drove to meet our new son Emarion.  He lives in the Phillipsburg area so we drove to State College and met Eamrion and Josi his social worker at a local restaurant.

In all of the photos, Emarion is on the left, Jacari is on the right in the top two and in the middle in the bottom photo.  Nigel has a Juniata Soccer sweatshirt.

Both Nigel and Jacari liked Emarion a lot and hope he can come to live with us soon.  The next step will be a visit to our house in two weeks.

In the top photo we all smiled for the camera.  In the other two, I was showing the boys army pictures.  Boys don't seem to get tired of looking at Chinooks, Blackhawks and guns!!

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