Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Snow Cancels Visit

Emarion was supposed to visit today and tomorrow, but the now-normal extremes of weather cancelled the visit.  Snow from Virginia to Boston meant the long drive today and tomorrow were out of the question.  We hope to see Emarion next weekend.  My wife is speaking at Penn State and hopes to swing by Eamrion's foster home and bring him to our home overnight.  I have an Army drill that weekend so it will be a scheduling feat for Annalisa or me to make the long return trip.

Most of last week I was in Texas on business.  My current job has me out of town regularly.  Annalisa and I have been talking a lot about what I can do to be home more if and when we have one or two more boys moving in.  

Those same weather extremes that are more and more the normal of life make my business trips longer and longer.  I woke at 345 am in Texas to take a 6 am flight and be sure I was back for a 4pm meeting.  The first flight was on time.  Rain along the east coast delayed the second flight and I was an hour late for the meeting--canceling it and rescheduling for next week.  I went to dinner.  The trains were delayed and I got home just after midnight.

My daily commute to Philadelphia is also getting longer.  Amtrak upgraded their equipment, but snow, floods, and someone committing suicide by train every other month has me regularly hours late getting home.  

I am complaining, no doubt about that.  But I am also thinking out loud about what it means to be unreliably home with boys who need their parents reliably present.


  1. I will pray and ask that God take your schedule in charge and make whatever changes are necessary to bless your family with more of your time at home, and a nice boost in pay to boot. You both are a great blessing to these children, Neil. May you and Annalisa's lives and that of your children (and future children) be blessed with joy and peace. (And maybe a shorter commute and less snow.)

  2. Thanks Susan. I hope it all works out the way you say!!!