Sunday, October 23, 2011

Talking About Driving

Each month when I got to drill weekend, I leave a half-hour earlier and drop Jacari off with his former Foster Mom Melissa.  She raised Jacari for more than three years and as it happens, she lives just six miles from the base where I train.  So when I go for my Army weekend, Jacari spends the weekend with Melissa and her family.

Melissa is well connected in the Foster Mom network and gets free passes to Hershey Park and discounts at many fairs and festivals.  Jacari always gets some kind of special event during a weekend at his former home.

During the drive in the dark from Lancaster to Fredericksburg we talked about driving.  I told him when he could get his Learner's Permit and how his sisters did on the test--both the written test for the permit and the road test for the license.

In just three years, Jacari will be eligible for a permit.  That should be interesting!

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  1. I am told that as we age we become more patient, more relaxed, less rattled. In three years, that will work in Jacari's favor when it comes time for his driving lessons from dear old dad.