Saturday, October 15, 2011

Emarion Visits for the Weekend

This morning I drove to Mifflintown PA to pick up Emarion for his first visit to our home.  Mifflintown is roughly halfway between Emarion's foster home and our home, so we picked up Emarion at a Burger King  in the middle of Pennsylvania.

On the two-hour ride home it was quickly clear that Emarion has very sharp eyes.  The boys started playing Punch Buggy No Punch Backs (identifying VWs on the road) and Emarion beat Nigel and Jacari about 10 to 1.  He really knows cars.

Halfway home we stopped at Fort Indiantown Gap.

When we got there, a unit was firing on the rifle range at pop-up targets.  Emarion was fascinated as we watched the targets drop as the shooters went through their prone and kneeling firing positions.  We then drove along the ranges to see if anyone else was shooting.  Not today.

Next we went to the hangar and the boys got to see Apache, Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters.

More later.

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