Monday, October 17, 2011

Emarion Loves to Ride

Emarion will be a teenager boy in February, so no big surprise he can eat.  What was a pleasant surprise is how much he likes to ride bicycles.  When we got to the house he asked if he could ride.  I set him up to ride Nigel's mountain bike which meant raising the seat about six inches.  He rode that bike about five miles till first Jacari then Nigel decided to go home--we were riding on a one-mile loop near the house.  Emarion and I rode five more miles together then went home to get a drink.

Then at my wife's suggestion, I took Emarion for a ride on the tandem.  We rode five miles to the east side of Lancaster, ate pizza and rode back.  I decided at that point Emarion needed a good helmet, not the one we got him from the garage.  I was going to drive to Bike Line, but Emarion wanted to ride.  We bought the helmet. Emarion rode 26 miles with me on Saturday afternoon.  He pedals steadily and is strong.  

On Sunday we only had a half hour after Church before he had to go back to his foster home.  We rode seven more miles.  He was proud to know he had ridden 33 miles this weekend.  


  1. There is a new bike shop opening up on Nov. 4th on orange street! It's called Orange Street Velo, there will be a grand opening that day, it's the same day as first friday:-) If he really enjoys biking, might be kind of fun for him to check it out!Congrats on 33 miles over two days, not many can say that for an entire year.

  2. Thanks Amanda. Feel free to let your clients know about my blog and Annalisa's.