Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Doctor Saturday--Vaccinations

On Saturday my wife and I have an appointment with our doctor to review the vaccinations and medicine we will need for the trip to Haiti.  I got my complete list from the medic sergeant at my unit.  It looks like I am current on everything.  It felt like I was current on everything when we went to Iraq.  I surely got a lot of shots.

My wife may not be so lucky.  We will both need malaria medicine and I will need to bring bug spray.  I am one of those people who attract mosquitoes.

Last night I talked to one of the deacons at our Church--Wheatland Presbyterian Church in Lancaster.  They have an adoption fund so we will be able to get help with the expenses of the adoption.  I had breakfast with one of the elders this morning (relative to me he should be a "Younger" since he is about 20 years my junior) and he said the charitable funds are on a fiscal year basis so we may get additional help next year.  The would be even better.

We were thinking about travelling later in the month, but the plane tickets all but doubled in price over the holidays and through the first part of January.  It also seemed like getting this long process moving would be better than delaying a month or more.

Lots to think about.

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