Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Boys' View of Adoption Change

After I heard about Emarion's decision not to be adopted, I had to tell Nigel and Jacari.  They said the news was sad, but understood (better than most kids) that the whole adoption process can be scary.  Then they began to speculate about why he would have changed his mind.

It could not be them.  Emarion could whip them both at wrestling so why would he be worried?  He would want to go to a new home where he could beat his new brothers.

They knew he liked riding with me.  Jacari said, "He was a mad cyclist.  He could ride forever.  Like Dad."

Then they hit it.  Jacari said, "Emarion did not like vegetables."  Nigel said, "Dude, that boy just did not want to eat vegetables."  A cascade of confirmation followed.  Clearly it was carrots that caused second thoughts!

Or not.  But it was fun to watch them process the news.  And now they are happy having arrived at a cause that is outside their control.  "Mom would make him eat vegetables!"

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