Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SGT Dad and Weight Gain

Six weeks ago I decided my younger son was getting wider faster than he was getting taller and this situation needed to change.  My wife suggested we work both sides of the weight gain equation.

Food minus Energy Burned equals weight gain or loss.

Less food means less energy burn.  But 12-year-old boys are not the best candidates for limiting food intake.  So I decided to work on the 2nd varaible.  Five nights a week, the boys and I go the the track and run two or more miles.

Is this enough?

I will know in a month or two.  Right now younger son seems a little less of himself than he was at New Year's Day.  My older son runs also. He works on speed and usually finishes a half-mile ahead of us.

We'll see how it works.  But I dislike the idea of a teenage (almost) boy on a diet and wnat to have him eat like a teenage boy and burn the calories.

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