Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Complications

In the pile of papers my wife is compiling to move the adoption forward is a police background check by the local sheriff's office.  I called and they don't do background checks.  My wife thinks she has found the proper agency to do it, but we're not sure.  I know it is important to check the background of people who are adopting.  In addition to the background check we are working on now, we have been checked by the PA State Police and the FBI.

Xavier is healthy enough to return to school in Haiti.  We hope to get an update next week about his health in general when he is examined by an American doctor visiting on a missions trip.  A woman from our church is also traveling to Haiti and will be able to take things for Xavier with her.

More soon.

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  1. Neil,

    Nice to hear that things are progressing for you, despite the extra paperwork; and really happy to hear that Xavier is feeling better and able to return to school. As far as the background check, in Missouri it is the Missouri State Highway Patrol that does background checks, to check them on a state and national level. There is usually a nominal fee for that. Perhaps the State Patrol in your area is the ones to check with. Some of them you can do it online, pay the fee, and it takes a bit to get the results mailed to you.