Thursday, February 2, 2012

More News from Haiti

This morning we got an email from Haiti saying Xavier was well enough to return to the orphanage.
Heather at said they will have a US doctor at their facility in two weeks and he will be examining Xavier to make sure he is recovering well.

We are still a few weeks away from completing the application.  Our home study is scheduled for February 14 and the next part of my wife's psych evaluation will not be complete until the end of the month.

Meanwhile millions of microbes could be swimming in every cup of water Xavier will drink.  And once we get Xavier safely to America, his life expectancy will go up by decades, but what about the other kids in his orphanage and other orphanages?  What about the kids who live with their families and drink the same wretched water?

Ignorance is underrated.

Before I went to Haiti, all that suffering was an abstraction.  Pictures of suffering don't feel and smell like suffering.

Even when we finally get Xavier here, I will know just how many people in Haiti are one good water treatment plant away from living 20 years longer with much less suffering.

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