Monday, February 13, 2012

On Sanity and Adopting

On Friday I am taking at test to see if I am sane enough to adopt.  My roommate from cold war Germany left the military to become a Monk in Germany.  Cliff Almes, now Bruder Timotheus, is still in Germany.  Here is his view of the test:


just finished catching up on your blogs. The idea of you having to pass psychiatric testing is intersting. So much of what you write openly about says to so many that you are absolutely nuts. In your blogs you are absolutely transparent. If the shrink gives you an ok then it says more about her than you. For the boy's sakes I hope she does.   

God bless,   


  1. In Brazil we have the old story of a guy in an institution who was on a routine interview with a shrink. After all the questions and tests the shrink says: " I don´t know why you´re here. You sound perfectly sane for me!".
    The patiente answered: " So do I. But the thing probably resides on the fact that I said that the world was nuts, and the world said that I was nuts. Of course the majority won..."

  2. Anyone who can co-exist as peacefully in the civilian world as he can in the sometimes illogical military world is saner than most. Must be all that bicycle therapy you get. Surely you'll be stamped "approved, first-rate" adoptive parent.

  3. My wife had to get a psych exam before she could donate a kidney. Doing something good often seems crazy.