Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday: Running, Riding, Basketball

We all slept in on Saturday morning--till 9am!!  By 930 the boys and I were up and doing the weekend cleaning.  Within an hour we had the vacuuming, bathrooms, and stairs cleaned and were on the way to the gym.

When we got the gym the tennis team had every court but not the upper track.  We ran two miles.  It was my first run in eight days because I was sick last week.  By the end of two miles all three boys were breathing hard.  Nigel and Chalid were lying on the floor.

We got the bikes out after that.  It was cold but we rode six miles.  After that we went the other campus gym for about 90 minutes--mostly basketball.  After that, I cleaned some more, the boys played in the yard.  We ate dinner--burgers on the grill--then went to the gym till after 9pm.  The boys were up late again, but fell asleep fast.

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