Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chalid Comes for a Weekend Visit

Today is Chalid's first visit to our home.  He is spending the weekend and if all goes well, will move in during Easter weekend.

He really likes riding bicycles which is great for our family.  Chalid arrived just before 4pm.  I had to do some work before the end of the day, but just after five the three boys and I went riding.  At first Chalid rode with me on the tandem, Nigel rode his sister Lisa's road bike and Jacari rode Nigel's  mountain bike.  After a few miles we switched riders putting Nigel on the tandem and Chalid on the road bike.

At 530 I stopped and called Cycle Circle to see if he had any road bikes in stock that were the right size for the boys.  He did and after dinner we rode 9 more miles each on road bikes.  Nigel and Jacari got road bikes with the older style downtube shifters.  Their hands are too small for the more modern racing shifters so it worked out well for them.  Chalid has big enough hands for the racing shifters so he did fine on Lisa's bike.

Kiersten made Lasagna so we had a good dinner.  After dinner we tried to go to the gym, but relay for life had the the whole gym till 5am.

The boys and I went to the grocery store and got potatoes, apples, hamburger rolls and other stuff for grill dinner tomorrow night.

The boys all slept together in Nigel's room for their first night together.  So far they are getting along great.

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