Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No News, Then News Non-Stop!!!

The last few weeks have been sad.  Nothing to write except more paperwork.  Nothing happening in Haiti, nothing happening in Pennsylvania.  Then all at once we are inb the process of looking at four different boys!!

First though, there is no news about Xavier.  We are still waiting for our mental health evaluations and for a couple of pieces of medical paperwork.

But there is lots of news in PA.  In the last two weeks we heard about two boys, ages 12 and 14, that might be right for our family.  They are both in relatively stable situations now, one in a foster home and one in a group home, but both are looking for adoption.

We decided to talk to both boys and told our case worker we would like to meet them.  We decided to let both boys know they will be moving to a home where school and sports are what we do.  We are not the right parents for kids who want to excel in video games.

But before we could arrange those meetings, our case worker sent us an email about two brothers with a very sad story.  They were adopted, the parents (I think just the Dad) changed their minds about the adoption and gave the boys back!!  They were placed with a youth pastor and his family, now he wnats to end the placement on short notice.

So we may be taking in two brothers who may not want to hear about adoption.  If it works out, we can offer them a home and talk about adoption later.

If this works out, we could be parents of five teenage boys within another year.

This is what I remember from our last two adoptions.  Nothing seems to happen for a while, then lots happens.

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