Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking Good in Suits

I wear suits for work, but my kids mostly see me in bike clothes or shorts and t-shirts.  Several weeks ago I brought the boys to the Suit Corner Plus men's clothing store near where I work in Old City Philadelphia.  Two of them are just big enough to wear the smallest size of men's suit--36 Regular.  Nigel and Chalid both got suits.  Jacari is too small/short to fit in a man's suit so he will have to wait for his.  He was crushed.  He likes to dress up more than the other two boys.  Luckily we still have a jacket we got Nigel several years ago that fits him.  The pictures below were taken before Church on Sunday.  Jacari was off visiting his former Foster Mom. I'll get a picture of him when he is dressed up.



Nigel and Chalid

All three of us.
Pictures by Mom!

Back to Posting About Being an Adoptive Dad

I stopped posting in May.  I was about to go to pre-deployment training and frankly felt like I was too conflicted to write about being a Dad.  But currently, I am a NO-GO for deployment waiting for a waiver from Army National Guard Headquarters at the Pentagon to serve in Afghanistan over the age of 60.

My odds of deploying are now much lower than they were in May--though it was never a sure thing.  And I will continue to be a father to all my kids no matter whether I go or not, so back to posting.