Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking Good in Suits

I wear suits for work, but my kids mostly see me in bike clothes or shorts and t-shirts.  Several weeks ago I brought the boys to the Suit Corner Plus men's clothing store near where I work in Old City Philadelphia.  Two of them are just big enough to wear the smallest size of men's suit--36 Regular.  Nigel and Chalid both got suits.  Jacari is too small/short to fit in a man's suit so he will have to wait for his.  He was crushed.  He likes to dress up more than the other two boys.  Luckily we still have a jacket we got Nigel several years ago that fits him.  The pictures below were taken before Church on Sunday.  Jacari was off visiting his former Foster Mom. I'll get a picture of him when he is dressed up.



Nigel and Chalid

All three of us.
Pictures by Mom!

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