Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So Far So Great

Today is just six days since Chalid moved in.  He is rapidly adjusting to life here and is clearly the big brother to both Jacari and Nigel.  I have seen him smile more than I have heard him speak in the last six days, but he talks a lot to his new brothers.

On Sunday I changed from No Video Games in the house to allowing the boys to use two iPods provided by their sister Lisa.  These iPods come from her and her boyfriend Robbie.  Both are partially broken and are casts offs--Lisa has an iPhone that serves as her iPod.

But the boys love them.  The caveat on their use is the iPods are MINE.  If they fight over them, refuse to share or ignore family members in favor of playing games, I will take back the iPods since they are not using them correctly.  They also stay in the house unless a parent says otherwise.

Next we have to get Chalid in school.  Happy Easter.

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  1. Fingers so tightly crossed for your kids and mine...!